We offer Transport Training 2, Heavy Equipment Operator - ( Backhoe , Excavator, Grader, Bulldozer). Heavy Equipment Multi Unit programs, as well as WHIMS and Air Brake, Certification. Our clients come from many regions across Canada.

Choosing the right school is so important. Education is the foundation that dreams are built upon. Everyone has vision of being successful, finding their rightful place in society. Your choice of school certainly influences this vision.

At North West Transport Training we help with the transition. Everyone is made to feel right at home. We offer close support in transportation. health and social adjustment. No one is left alone. It takes time to adjust to the road of independence. A little help along the way makes all the difference.

North West Transport Training Ltd. is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Graduates are assured certification that is regognised. Our students graduate with the self -confidence, discipline and motivation to set- forth into the work-force.

Here at North West Tranport Training Ltd. we operate twelve months of the year and arrange out of Province students with all neccessary accommodations, tranportation, and weekend recreation ( yatching, power- boating, festivals etc.) Our urban setting is advantageous for this reason. We are able to meet our clients needs quite easily in terms of transportation and housing.

The most noted difference between our school and others is that we teach the way to success in business, trucking, as well as heavy equipment. North West Transport Training's tution pricing is also most cost-effective. In fact, our tution cost is nearly half of that of our nearest competitor.

We take care of our clientele after certification. they are encouraged to stay in touch, as we are always updating our "Job and Opportunities."

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